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Webster Therapy Center

​At Webster Therapy Center, we are Speech Pathologists!  

​Each of the Speech Therapists are Mastered Level with American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) Certification.  We provide direct one-on-one therapy with each patient to ensure the highest level of care.  We focus on the whole picture, including the family in all aspects of goals and treatment.  Whether the concern is articulation, apraxia, dysarthria, language, fluency, voice, swallowing or feeding; we have the expertise to help.

Contact Information

Heather Webster

Phone:  281-367-2035

Fax:      281-298-2978

​E-mail:  heatherwebsterslp@live.com

Website: www.webstertherapycenter.com

Melissa Jackson, M.Ed., Dyslexia Therapist (in-training​)

​Melissa is trained in Neuhaus Basic Language and has experience teaching students with dyslexia in Conroe ISD and Fort Bend ISD.  She has a M.Ed. in Reading from University of St. Thomas and is certified in General Ed., Special Ed., and ESL.  Melissa has 20 years of teaching and private tutoring experience and loves helping students learn!

Contact Information:

Phone:  281-292-4397

​E-mail:  mejacks@swbell.net

Cindy Brown, CALT, LDT, Neuhaus Dyslexia Specialist

​​I am a graduate of the Neuhaus Dyslexia Specialist Program at the Neuhaus Education Center in Houston, Texas. I have over 18 years of experience in schools and in private practice working with students with dyslexia and students with reading and spelling challenges.

My journey began over 21 years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia. My desire was to become more knowledgeable about dyslexia so that I could help my daughter and other children that were struggling with reading and spelling. As a parent of a child with dyslexia, this has been a personal journey for me. I am committed in doing my best for my students.

My goal is to educate and equip students with reading and spelling challenges with effective strategies to become successful in school and beyond to the best of their abilities.

Contact Information:

Cindy Brown

Phone:     281-610-8586

E-mail:     cbrown1006@yahoo.com

Read Frog Dyslexia & Educational Services

​As the owner of Read Frog, Ms. Sarah has many years of experience as a cognitive therapist, dyslexia teacher, and educational diagnostician.  She has been Neuhaus Trained as a Licensed Dyslexia Therapist and Certified Academic Language Therapist.  She has consulted with local school districts regarding Special Education Assessment and 504 Law.  Sarah performs the dyslexia and learning disability assessments for Read Frog.  She also has 2 sweet children who keep her occupied when not at the office and an incredibly supportive husband (Lee) who keeps her laughing and well-organized.

​Contact Information

Sarah Hood

​Phone:  281-719-5635 office

             281-948-9611 cell

​Website:  www.readfrog.com

Amy Barrett

Amy is trained in Neuhaus and has completed the Neuhaus Therapist Program.  She has successfully taken the Alliance Exam which makes her a Certified Academic Language Therapist.  Amy has a B.S. in Family Studies with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education from Texas Tech University.  She also has an Elementary teaching degree.  Amy has 12 years classroom experience teaching in both public and private schools.

​"My heart goes out to kids that struggle in school, because I was one of those students.  I had a tutor that diligently worked with me and encouraged me when I was younger.  She changed my school experience to a positive one and helped me believe in my abilities.  I want to make that difference in other student's lives as well."

​Contact Information

Phone:  281- 744-7542

​E-Mail:  barrettr@sbcglobal.net

Laura Manly, Certified Math Teacher

Specializing in 1 on 1 tutoring and SAT test prep

I create dynamic, hands-on, interactive learning environments to achieve flawless mastery of mathematics. As a mom of dyslexic and ADD sons, I understand the need to accommodate the learning styles of each child and yours will thrive in my tutoring climate focused on his or her particular needs.

When majoring in mathematics at University of California, San Diego, 27 years ago, my enthusiasm continues to spawn the learner of math in and outside the classroom.  Imparting understanding of math remains my passion after teaching in the public classroom for the past twelve years.  Delivering strategic processing by providing the “missing link” concept differentiates my instruction methods from any other tutoring method.  Allow my magnetic learning tools, sensitivity to missing links, and tenderness towards family attain academic success for your learner.

Contact Information:
Laura Manly
Phone:     936-760-5147
E-mail:     ljmanly@earthlink.net
Website:  www.addingvaluemathtutor.com​

Cristal Sawyer

Reading Tutor/SAT/ACT

​Cristal tutors twenty plus students of varying ages on a weekly basis in all facets of communicating the English language from reading, writing, and speaking to functioning layout and attractive publishing.

Contact Information:

Cristal Sawyer

Phone:        281.825.1348

E-mail:        cristal.saw@gmail.com

FB page:    CristalClear Tutoring

Julie Janorschke

Move Forward with ADHD

Coaching and Consulting

http://www.moveforwardwith adhd.com/

Julie Janorschke is a trained ADHD Coach and Certified Family Manager Coach with a background in counseling and social work. She provides coaching and consulting services to families with ADHD and Executive Function challenges.
Prior to launching her business, Move Forward With ADHD, Julie was a professional organizer. As she worked with clients to organize their homes and lives, she found that many of them struggled with ADHD issues such as planning, focus and motivation.  Additionally, Julie was seeking help for one of her son’s ADHD challenges. She found minimal support options in the surrounding area. Therefore, Julie transitioned her organizing business to specialize in providing strategies, solutions and support to individuals and families with attention issues and executive function challenges.
Julie and her husband have lived in The Woodlands, Texas since 1998 where they have raised their four sons, two of whom have ADHD.

Connect Psychology

Dr.  Ryan is licensed by the Texas State Board of Examiner's of  Psychologists as a licensed clinical psychologist as well as a licensed  specialist in school psychology. He is also a doctoral level Board  Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) and is trained to equip parents to  effectively address their child’s behavioral challenges. Dr. Ryan has  over 15 years of professional experience that has included working in an  outpatient hospital setting, residential treatment facility, college  counseling center, and private as well as public school settings. Dr.  Ryan enjoys working with all age groups, including couples and families,  and also provides psychological evaluations related to issues with  learning, attention, personality assessment and clarification of  diagnosis with an emphasis on functional and practical recommendations.  He obtained a PsyD in clinical psychology from Wheaton College, whose  program is Faith-based and approved by the American Psychological  Association.